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Torrot Australia

The only thing left of the original Torrot is great memories of times past when motor vehicles were an extremely important way of getting around town and reactivating the national economy. Founded in Vitoria by Don Luis Iriondo in 1948, Torrot got its start manufacturing sturdy touring and road bicycles, while Orbea and BH also appeared. In the 1950s, Don Luis reached a license manufacturing agreement to make the mopeds and motorcycles for the famous French brand Dijon-Terrot, creating Terrot S.A.E.

But the agreement didn’t last very long, and in 1958 Peugeot absorbed Terrot and then shut it two years later, in 1960, leaving Iriondo S.A. without the license. Upon which the clever, stubborn Don Luis changed the “e” for an “o” to keep his entire family of mopeds and lightweight motorcycles afloat, now developing them with an identity of their own. Hence Torrot was born: from the tenacity and passion for motorcycles.


In 2011 we embarked on the adventure of designing technologically advanced vehicles which would ecologically fit within the world we live in today, with a brand that was extremely popular and famous in the past, Torrot. Torrot’s philosophy back then was, in essence, the same as Torrot’s today: to manufacture practical, comfortable, sturdy vehicles that make people’s daily lives more fun and easier in terms of mobility.
In the new Torrot, everything revolves around these values and the maxim of caring for our world with appealing designs, cutting-edge technology and sustainable manufacturing.

Driven by a venture in which the passion to supply people with a sustainable, practical, popular means of transport is once again the maxim.
We have been designing our new family of products for two years, and now you can enjoy our new electrical and hybrid vehicles designed to go down in history.